Giving Back

Giving Back

Hi.  So, it turns out that writing a blog is a much bigger undertaking than I had expected, and I am a bit behind!  Starting in 2024, you can expect a quarterly update of all happenings at PHY, East and West, tentatively, of course!

For this entry, I would like to talk a bit about one of The Public House of Yakima’s most important core values, giving back.  If you have taken the time to read deep enough into our company’s tagline, we are committed to being a “Community Gathering Place for Craft Beer, Fine Wine, & Cider.” 

To begin, let’s focus a bit on the “Gathering Place” portion of that tag line.  When I opened PHY in February of 2019, I knew that becoming deeply involved in the community would be paramount to the success of our business.  As a former teacher and a current resident in the boundaries of the West Valley School District, giving back to the schools and their many groups that work tirelessly to support them has become a priority for me and our business. In that regard, we try to host as many events as possible, in addition to donating to as many auctions, raffles, & fundraisers as we can afford.  

One fundraiser that I have really enjoyed over the years is the Mr. West Valley competition.  This year, my son, Garrett, was chosen as a contestant and I could not be prouder of him.  If you are not familiar with the Mr. West Valley competition, it is a fundraising extravaganza for the Memorial Foundation but more specifically, YouthWorks.  From the Memorial Foundation website, “YouthWorks is a partnership between Memorial Foundation and local high schools providing philanthropy education, input on youth health care programs, and fundraising opportunities to support Memorial Foundation’s four health care initiatives. This youth empowerment program engages our community’s youth directly through mentoring, volunteering, and philanthropy.”

Over the next couple of months, please look out for opportunities to come out to PHY, as well as other venues throughout Yakima, and support Garrett and many of his buddies as they vie for the crown of Mr. West Valley.  Currently, we’re working on an event for PHY-West and Garrett has a donation can located next to the front register.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!  

We look forward to seeing all of you soon.  If we don’t cross paths in the next few weeks, please have a tremendous Holiday season, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!  




Posted December 13, 2023

Giving Back

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